Skylar Williams
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Vodoo Ranger: Handbook

Voodoo Ranger: Handbook

Wanna know how to be a Voodoo Ranger? Follow these basic steps and you’ll be on your way to Living Rangerously.




Post Copy: Keep this handbook handy and you too can be on the path to Living Rangerously. Results may vary. 

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Post Copy: Don’t forget to shout things like “lift with your legs” and “you boys working hard or hardly working?” You’re a supervisor now, it's time to act like one. Cheers to Living Rangerously! 

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Post Copy: Don’t let a bad jam sesh ruin your night out. Live Rangerously and you too can sidestep the musical stylings of some dude’s rendition of “Smoke on the Water.”


Post Copy: This Father’s Day give him what he really wants…A backhanded compliment. Or a six pack of Voodoo Ranger. Your choice.



Post Copy: Don’t just arrive to the party, stick the landing. Bring a twelve-pack of Voodoo Ranger IPA and you’ll be Living Rangerously. Voodoo Ranger twelve-pack and miniature parachute sold separately.


Client: New Belgium - Voodoo Ranger

CD: Rob Lewis

CD: Brock Johnson

AD: Me